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What Chemin can do

A complete solution

Chemin is the complete solution to manage chemicals at the enterprise level. Chemin can easily scale to provide access from 1 up to 50,000 users worldwide. Successful implementations of Chemin lead to uniform and transparent registration of chemicals. This results in a better organized and safer work environment for you and your staff and simplifies compliance to Worldwide and European legislation. Chemin provides everything you need for easy and correct registration of your chemicals.

Registration of chemical packings

Chemin powers your chemical packings registration. Enabling you to store their location, content, owner, inspection date and more, with links out to the chemicals that a packing contains.

Chemical dataportal

All the information about your chemicals in one place. Properties, safety sentences, GHS icons and more, properly arranged per chemical.

Supports Compliancy to GHS and CLP

Chemin provides GHS icons for your chemicals and prints packing labels in the CLP format.

CLP label printing

Chemin integrates with industry quality label printers to print packing labels in the CLP format. As an option, Chemin offers the Chemin Bundle, where the software comes pre-bundled with the printer and printing-equipment that you need.

Label scanning and inspection with an app

Chemin enables reliable inspection by leveraging high quality barcode scanners that scan any printed Chemin label with speed and precision. The scanners integrate directly with the Chemin backend, so that an inspection will immediately show up in all systems. The scanners also work offline and will push their updates once they have restored connection.

Mobile Device Support

A mobile app provides secured access to all stored data and allows employees to read, edit and create records or add comments or photos to existing records. Mobile access can be disabled if necessary.

Easy and secure data management using Salesforce

Chemin builds on the reliable Salesforce platform to deliver performance, high-availability, ease-of-use and security. All Salesforce servers are accessed through secured connections, are physically protected with biometric access, have redundant hardware and undergo regular security reviews by external auditors.

Reports & Dashboards

Management information and informative reports are easier than ever using the applauded Salesforce reporting tools. Reports can be created using drag-and-drop, exported to PDF or Excel and viewed using graphical dashboards on both the web and the mobile app.

Customizable & Extendable

Do you need to store additional information with your packings or chemicals? Do you want other fields visible in search results? Other labels? Tasks? Integration with Outlook? No problem. And the cost? It only costs a little of your time, or let a Salesforce partner make you a competitive offer if you don't want to implement it yourself.

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